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Brazos Valley Bank Ballpark Taking Shape

Bryan-College Station, TX (May 16, 2007) – Drive down West Carson Street, past Bomber Drive, and the sign out front still reads like it always did: “Travis Field.”

This might be the only thing fans will recognize when they drive past.

The Bombers home field, rechristened Brazos Valley Bank Ballpark, is in the midst of a makeover that would make Ty Pennington envious. From the parking lot outside the ballpark, onlookers can see:

  • The rising framework of the new concessions stand. Measuring nearly 1,000 square feet, the stand will have eight service lines and a window especially for wait staff and hawkers.
  • Preparations for the new rest rooms. Brand new facilities will be able to handle the crowds expected for Bombers games, concerts, and other events at the ballpark.
  • Clearing the entryway for the new College Station Medical Center Courtyard. Fans entering the ballpark will be welcomed by a clean, paved courtyard which will be the center of the Bombers off-field activities.

Inside the park, the old chain link backstop has been replaced by a modern netting system, allowing fans a safe and unobstructed view of the vastly improved playing surface. The brand new party deck, a 1,600-square-foot wood deck for pre-game picnics and in-game relaxation, is quickly rising from behind the first base dugout.

The Founder’s Club seats are due to be delivered any day, with installation to take place not long after. This new premium seating section will be the closest fans can get to the action without actually being on the field. Limited to just 140 seats, the exclusive Founder’s Club section will also enjoy a perk found nowhere else in the ballpark: in-your-seat wait service.

Soon to be delivered are the three inflatable games that will make up the bulk of the Bombers Kidz Zone. An inflatable speed pitch, t-ball game, and moon bounce will each stand no less than 15 feet high, helping make the Kidz Zone a haven for fans of all ages. New exterior and field-level fencing mark off a much larger footprint for Brazos Valley Bank Ballpark, giving the team the opportunity to host more events and provide more services to fans.

“It’s amazing how quickly this is taking shape,” said Bombers co-owner Uri Geva. “It’s not just a case of seeing something new and improved every day. It seems there are improvements to the ballpark every hour!”

“For months fans have been asking, what will the ballpark be like on Opening Day?” added general manager Mike Lieberman. “Take one look around and the answer is clear. This will be a completely changed facility from the very first game.

“On June 8, when we say ‘Play Ball!’ for the first time and enjoy the post-game fireworks, fans, players, and staff will be proud to call Brazos Valley Bank Ballpark home.”

Fans will soon be able to follow the construction progress from their computers. The Bombers official web site,, will feature a gallery of photos that show the evolution of the ballpark from the Travis Field of old to the new Brazos Valley Bank Ballpark.

The Bombers season will open on June 5 in Coppell and June 6 in Colleyville before the historic home opener on Friday, June 8 against Duncanville. Opening Night, like every Friday Bombers home game this season, will be followed by a spectacular fireworks display. Bombers season tickets are still available, but fans are encouraged to act quickly to secure some of the limited Founder’s Club seating or prime reserved seats. In several weeks single-game tickets, group tickets, picnics, and birthdays will be available for purchase.

Brazos Valley Bank Ballpark Construction Progress
May 16, 2007

The frame and the walls of the new concessions stand
The frame and walls of the new concessions stand

Supports for the 1,600-square-foot party deck
Supports for the 1,600-square-foot party deck

Soon to be the new College Station Medical Center Courtyard
Soon to be the new College Station Medical Center Courtyard

A clear view of the field after removal of the old backstop
A clear view of the field after removal of the old backstop

The grandstand, with its fresh coat of paint and new backstop wall
The grandstand, with its fresh coat of paint and new backstop wall

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