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MAY 27, 2019 : EPISODE 1 Coach Nelson joins us as we kick off our new podcast series for the Brazos Valley Bombers! We take a quick look at last year, as well as what to look forward to this year!   
MAY 31, 2019 : EPISODE 2 It's Opening Day for the Bombers, we recap the busy week leading up to Game 1. Episode 2 covers Coach Nelson's press conference and interviews with some fresh (and familiar) faces of this year's squad.  
JUNE 7, 2019 : EPISODE 3  The Backwall reflects on the opening week of the season, hear from some players, and manager Brian Nelson!   
 JUNE 14, 2019 : EPISODE 4 Bombers break a TCL record as they start the season 10-0! Backwall favorite Steve McGuire joins the show to share the cheers and jeers of the season thus far.   
 JUNE 21, 2019 : EPISODE 5 An enormous momentum shift for the Bombers resulted in them sitting at the top of the TCL at 15-3. The Backwall Bombers take it look at some of the week's best moments.  
 JUNE 28, 2019 : EPISODE 6 Quite the interesting week for the Bombers as they faced rain delays, cancellations, and explosive offense (and umpiring). We also talk about some of our BackwAll-Stars!   
JULY 12,  2019 : EPISODE 7   The Backwall is back! We discuss the past week, the ups and downs, interview some fellow Bombers, and talk about top-tier malls.  
JULY 19,  2019 : EPISODE 8  Despite some Louisiana blues, we look forward to future success of both our players and our well known mascot!   
 JULY 26,  2019 : EPISODE 9 The Bombers are back on track after going 5-1 on the week thanks to a 4-0 sweep in the home stretch!   
AUGUST 2, 2019 : EPISODE 10  After a roller-coaster week that included a No-no in Victoria, the Backwall sat down and graded the best of the walk-ups and asked some smelly questions.   


AUGUST 9, 2019 : EPISODE 11


We look back on an insane week from the Bombers as they look to close out the regular season with a bang and focus towards playoffs.  

AUGUST 14, 2019 : EPISODE 12

The Bombers finish off the season by reaching the ultimate goal! TCL champions forever!