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Brazos Valley Bombers Explode in the 7th, Scoring 5 for a 5-1 comeback victory over Acadiana

Acadiana, Louisiana (July 8, 2022)- It was a battle of the TCL’s best on Friday night in Acadiana as the 1st place Bombers (19-8) traveled to Fabacher Field to face the Cane Cutters who si two games behind the Bombers with a record of 17-19 coming into the evening. 

The Bombers looked down and out, giving up a run in the 1st and were unable to record a base runner until the 7th inning. However, a 7th inning resurgence put the Bombers put by four and secured them the victory in Acadiana.

Scoring early has recently been a major trend in Bombers games, and tonight was no different. The 1st inning RBI single from Acadiana’s Logan McLeod makes tonight the 4th game in a row that a run has been scored in the 1st inning of a Bombers game. 

Chandler Benson started on the mound for the Bombers, giving up the Cane Cutters' lone run in the 1st inning. Benson threw four innings, tying his season-high with 5 strikeouts. Benson gave up four hits, two in the 1st and two in the 4th before getting pulled for Dalton Leblanc

The Cane Cutters had a real chance to do some damage and add to their lead in the 4th inning, loading the bases off back-to-back singles and a hit-by-pitch with two outs. Benson was able to pitch out of the situation, ringing up the 5th Cane Cutter of his outing and stranding three runners on base. 

The Bombers, who were also getting no-hit until the 7th inning last night against the Victoria Generals, broke up Josh Mancuso’s perfect game in the 7th tonight with the first Bombers’ hit of the night, a single by Brandon Bishop. The Bombers’ offense appeared to have been shocked back to life, scoring five runs in the 7th inning and one batter away from hitting through the lineup after 6 consecutive 3-batter innings. 

With Bishop on 3rd base after a Mike Adair single, Shelby Becker sends Bishop home with a fielder’s choice. Adair and Becker both scored soon thereafter off two throwing errors from Acadiana reliever, Connor Adams. Davis Powell launched a ball into deep left-center field that bounced over the wall for a ground-rule double to score Jackson Cobb for the Bombers' first RBI of the game. Powell scored the Bombers' 5th run of the inning courtesy of another throwing error from the Cane Cutters during PJ Villarreal’s at-bat. 

With Carter Poulson coming in to start the 7th inning on the mound, the Bombers were able to snuff out any hopes of a Cane Cutter comeback for the rest of the game. Acadiana had yet another chance with runners in scoring position in the 8th inning after a walk and a ground-rule double but a flyout to left field left the runners stranded and the Bombers still in control!

The Bombers will spend the night in Louisana as they have a rematch against the Cane Cutters tomorrow night. The two teams have a two-game series at Edible Field next Monday and Tuesday. We hope to see you there!

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