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Bombers Cruise to First Victory Against Seguin River Monsters

Seguin, Texas (June 7, 2022)- The Bombers get off to a hot start in their first match against the newly formed Seguin River Monsters, scoring 5 in the 1st three innings. The Brazos Valley navy and gold were able to hold off the River Monster and take a 7-5 victory.

The visiting Bombers steal two runs in the 2nd inning and take a 2-0 lead to deflate the Seguin home crowd early into the game. Designated hitter Tyner Hughes and shortstop Jake Rabe both score and get the scoring for the Bombers going!

The Bombers tacked on a trio of runs for their biggest lead of the game in the top of the 3rd. A pair of RBIs hit by Brayden Evans and Dillon Flores gave the blue and gold a 5-0 lead. Flores was able to score a pair off a hard hit RBI triple to the left fence. 

Bombers starting pitcher Cinoon Bak got through 4 innings, only allowing one run off two hits with 4 strikeouts before being subbed in the 5th for Austin Teel. With Bak on the mound, the River Monster run came in the bottom of the 4th off an RBI single hit by 1B Jose Gutierrez to drive in Victor Jimenez from 2nd base.

The River Monsters made quick work of Bombers relief pitcher Teel in the 5th inning. After getting into trouble early, loading the bases with the 1st the batters Teel faced, the Bombers were able to get out of the inning only allowing two runs to score. The River Monsters scratch back and make it a 5-3 ballgame after 5 innings. 

The Bombers, able to find themselves with the bases loaded in the top 6th, hoped to put the game to bed but were only able to score one, leaving the door open for Seguin. The lone run for the Bombers came courtesy of a wild pitch to the backstop that left Shelby Becker open to steal home from 3rd. 

The Bombers’ lead was reduced to one in the 6th inning. Bombers shortstop Jake Rabe was unable to field a hard hit ball by Jacob Elizondo and allowed two River Monster runs to score.

A sac fly by Riley Bender to drive home Travis Chestnut in the top of the 8th re-extended the Bombers’ lead and gave the team a little more breathing room. Seguin didn’t put up much of a fight in their last six outs and the Bombers finished their 1st road trip of the season with a 7-5 victory. 

The Bombers are back at Edible Field from June 8th to the 10th for a three-game home stretch to face off against the Victoria Generals and two more games against the River Monsters. The first pitch for those games will be at 7:05 p.m. Come out to the ballpark Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday for an awesome night of baseball, with great games, deals, and special events at every game.  

For tickets and information on how to see the Bombers 2022 season, please call (979) 779-PLAY, or go to To follow all upcoming news and developments for the Brazos Valley Bombers, follow or like us on, and follow us on Twitter: @BV_Bombers and Instagram: bvbombers.

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