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Probably the most memorable outing a youth team can have at the ballpark is through the Field of Dreams program, which gives kids the chance to actually take the field with the Bombers! Every game, one team may pre-arrange to participate as the Bombers Field of Dreams team. Prior to the game, the team will assemble on the field, in uniform. As the Bombers starting lineup is announced over the PA system, the youth team lineup will also be introduced – and the kids will run out to their positions with the Bombers! The children will remain in position through the National Anthem, then return to their seats for an exciting night of Bombers baseball. Teams will recieve a ticket for the players and a parent to participate in the Field of Dreams program and attend the game, but keep in mind space is limited so book early!

Field of Dreams availability is limited. Call (979) 779-PLAY to arrange for your group to participate in the season!